2020 AP Exam Day Checklist

Directions for students: Complete this checklist for each AP Exam you take this year. Be sure to do this well before exam day—some of these steps will take time. Download a printable version of this checklist (.pdf/526 KB).

  • Write your 8-character AP ID.
    You can find this in your exam confirmation email, within your exam e-ticket.
  • Write the name of your exam.
  • Write the exam date for your subject.
  • Write the exam start time for your time zone.
  • Write your check-in time (30 minutes before the exam start time for your time zone).

Please note: if you're taking an AP world language exam, checklist items about handwriting or typing responses, attaching and submitting responses, and the exam timer don't apply. If you're taking an AP Music Theory Exam, checklist items about typed responses don't apply.

Am I Ready to Test?

  • I have the AP Exam e-ticket email for this specific subject OR have signed in to My AP to access my e-ticket for this specific subject. (See how to make sure that College Board has your correct email address).
  • I have checked that the ticket is for this exam, not for another AP Exam I’m taking, and has today’s exam date on it.
  • My device is plugged in.
  • When I click on a link, the browser that opens is Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. The exam will not open in other browsers, so I have confirmed my default browser is one of these four browsers, which support online AP Exams.
  • I have practiced with the exam demo, which confirms that my device and browser will be able to access the exam.
  • If I will be typing my exam, I have opened a Google Doc, a Word Doc, or another type of document I will type my response into. I have prepared one document for English and history exams and two for other subjects. I have typed my 8-character AP ID and initials at the top of each document.
  • If I will be handwriting my exam, I have prepared one set of pages for English and history exams and two sets of pages for other subjects. I have written my 8-character AP ID, my initials, and the page number at the top of each page.
  • I have reviewed the list of required materials for this specific exam and have printed or downloaded a copy of any required documents.
  • I have reviewed the exam security guidelines and understand the consequences for incorporating work that’s not my own or collaborating with anyone during the exam.
  • If I’m at home, I’ve asked others to avoid disturbing me or using devices or services that need a lot of bandwidth during the exam.
  • If I’ve been approved by the College Board to test with accommodations, I’ve reviewed the information on accommodations and have any needed assistive technology and devices.
  • If I’m taking the AP Music Theory Exam:
    • I have a recording app or recording software (such as Voice Memos, GarageBand, Recorder, Audacity, etc.) on my device and know how to use it.
    • I have 2–3 paper copies of the AP answer sheet template for Question 1, part writing.
  • If I’m taking a spoken world language and culture exam (AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish Language and Culture):
    • I’ve downloaded the AP World Languages Exam App from the Apple App Store (to an iPhone or iPad) or from the Google Play store (to my iOS or to an Android device), practiced with the app, and given the app permission to use the microphone.
    • I’ve confirmed that my device can access the internet by Wi-Fi or cellular data, has at least 30MB of available storage, and is charged to at least 25% battery power or is plugged in.
    • I’m in a location with no or limited background noise where my voice can be recorded clearly.
    • I’ve closed the AP World Languages Exam App on my device before the start of the exam.

During the Exam

  • Once the exam has started, I know that I should NOT refresh the browser or use the back arrow.
  • I will keep the exam question open on my device so I can see the timer and 5-minute warning.
  • When I see the onscreen warning that time is almost up (5 minutes before the deadline for submitting my response), I will STOP working on my response and start the process for attaching/pasting and submitting it.
  • I understand that if I don’t attach or paste my response and click Submit before the countdown on my screen is complete, I will receive 0 points for that question.
  • If I accidentally close my browser or tab, temporarily lose my internet connection, or experience some other disruption, I’ll click on my exam e-ticket to rejoin my exam.
  • If I can’t rejoin my exam, lose too much time trying to regain access, or do not see a Your AP Exam is Complete message at the end of the exam, I can email my responses immediately after the exam or request exception testing.
  • If I’m taking a world language and culture exam:
    • I will start my exam from my e-ticket on the device that has the AP World Languages Exam App installed.
    • I will not open the app directly. When prompted, I will select Start My Exam to launch the app. This is the only way to start the exam.
    • Once I’ve launched the app by selecting Start My Exam, I will complete my exam using the app.

After the Exam

  • I will sign in to My AP and indicate the college, university, or scholarship program that should receive my free score report. Deadline: June 20, 2020.
  • I will report information about cheating attempts.