Updates for AP Students and Schools Affected by Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has created new challenges for schools and students. To support students in continuing their AP journey even if their school is closed, we’re offering free online AP classes and take-at-home AP Exams for 2020.

2020 AP Exams Overview

In a nationwide survey of AP students, 91% of students reported a desire to take the AP Exam at the end of the course. And nearly 90% of the 4,000 first-generation students we surveyed about their desire to take the AP Exam at home indicated they wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

Over 4 Million AP Exams Taken in Ten Days

Between May 11–22, 2020, 4.6 million AP Exams were taken across 32 subjects.

AP Online Classes and Review Sessions

5.2 million students and educators attended teacher-led AP Online Classes and Review Sessions.

Preparing Students for Exam Day

To help prepare students for their AP Exams, we developed resources including a demo, a detailed walk-through video, and an exam day guide and checklist.

Device and Connectivity Access

Knowing some students wouldn’t have access to the technology they needed to test, a dedicated customer service team helped connect over 28,000 students, parents, and educators to devices, hotspots, and other supports.

About This Year's AP Exams

The May administration of the 2020 online AP Exams is complete. Makeup exams take place June 1–5. Get all the details about this year’s exams so you can support your students.

AP Exam Schedule

AP Exam Schedule and Information

Get details on each AP Exam by course: exam dates and times, what's covered and what's not, what students need on exam day, and more.

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All About the E-Ticket

We’ll email students their AP Exam e-tickets with their AP IDs two days before each exam. They’ll need both to access and take the exam.

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AP Exam Information

Tips to Avoid Problems on Exam Day

Head off problems on exam day by reviewing solutions to issues with checking in, submitting responses, and more.

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Submitting Exam Responses

After students finish answering the exam question(s), they’ll attach their work to the exam and submit it for scoring. How do they do that? That depends. 

Most Exams

For most AP Exams without portfolio components, students can attach a text file, attach a photo of their handwritten work, or copy and paste text in the exam. 

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Music Theory

For the AP Music Theory Exam, students must submit an audio file as well as a photo of handwritten work.

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World Languages

To take any spoken AP world language exam, students will use a free app that records and submits their response.

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Practice and Get Ready

Use our interactive demo to see what exam day will be like. And be sure to review the steps to take to be ready for your exam.

Be Prepared for Exam Day

Get Ready

Practice with the Demo

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AP 2020 Exams

AP Exams will be administered differently this year. Get a quick overview.  

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Get all the information you need about how students can prepare for and take AP Exams this year.

Educator Info

For Educators

Find course-specific information about the 2020 AP Exams, plus resources to help your students prepare.

Information for Educators
Coordinator Webinar

For AP Coordinators

Learn about the changes to exam ordering, fees, and administration for this year and how your tasks will change.

Information for Coordinators

For AP Students

Get the details about online classes for your course and find out more about taking the 2020 exam.

Information for Students

For School Counselors 

Get resources to support students taking AP Exams this year and to communicate the changes to students and families. 

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AP 2020 Exam Updates with Trevor Packer

For more information about this year's exam administration, including details about exam dates, times, and tasks, view a recorded presentation by Trevor Packer, head of the AP Program.