Submission Guidelines: Attach Photos

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To submit using this method, take a photograph of responses you write by hand, save it in an acceptable file format, then attach it and click Submit. If you’re taking the AP Music Theory Exam this year, this submission method is required for Question 1.


  • If your response is longer than 1 page, you can attach up to 5 photos (one page per image) in answer to each question.
    • At most, you can attach 5 images for AP English or AP history exams and 10 images for all other exams. However, it is highly unlikely you would need to use this many for your responses—most can be fully answered in 1 to 2 pages.
  • Take 1 photo for each page, write only on 1 side, and make sure the entire page is in the shot.
  • Write your AP ID, your initials, and the page number at the top of each page.
  • You can only attach 1 photo at a time. Do not click "Submit" until you’ve attached all your photos.
  • Attach photos in order (page 1, then page 2, etc.).
  • Take your photo in portrait (vertical) orientation—not landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • Make sure your photos aren’t too small to read.
  • Use separate pieces of paper for each exam question.
  • Accepted file formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
  • Minimum file size: 10 KB
  • Maximum file size: 25 MB


  • Use white paper (lined or unlined). Music Theory requires an answer sheet.
  • Use paper that’s standard size (8.5 x 11 inches) or close to it.
  • Before exam day, prepare your pages by writing your AP ID, your initials, and a page number at the top of each page as follows:
    • Up to 5 pages for question 1, numbered 1 to 5
    • Up to 5 pages for question 2, numbered 1 to 5
  • Use a no. 2 pencil or a pen with black or blue ink.
  • Write legibly—print or cursive is fine.
  • Take your photo in a well-lit space—try not to have any shadows on your paper.
  • Take your photo overhead, with the camera above, pointing down at the paper.
  • Take your photo straight on, not at an angle.
  • Try to frame your photo so that your paper is the only thing in the shot.
  • If you have a slower internet connection or an older device, you should try to keep your photos under 1.5 MB. Here are some tips:
    • First, check a photo taken by your device to see if its file size (or “actual size”) is under 1.5 MB. You can check this by emailing a picture to yourself.
    • Turn off features that can make photo file sizes larger, such as Live Photos, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Motion, and RAW formatting.
    • If applicable, switch from full resolution to medium and/or adjust the ratio/megapixels to a smaller picture size.
    • You can do a Google search to get specific directions for any of these tips on your device.
  • Recent iPhones and iPads save photos as HEIC files, which can’t be submitted “as is” in the online exam. You must convert them to an accepted file format.
    • Update your Apple device settings before the exam so that your photos will be saved as .jpeg files: Go to Settings > Camera > Formats, and select “Most Compatible.”
    • Note: Changing or editing the filename does not update its format.

How to Update HEIC Settings in Newer iPhones and iPads

1. Open Settings.

2. Go to Camera.

3. Go to Formats.

4. Tap Most Compatible.