AP Classroom

In addition to sharing daily review lessons with your students, teachers for non-portfolio subjects can also use AP Classroom to: 

  1. Assign Topic Questions that align to the daily review lessons available at youtube.com/advancedplacement. Review student results to identify common misunderstandings or better understand what students currently know and are able to do. Use these results to inform your remaining instruction. 
  2. Unlock Personal Progress Checks for all units relevant to the 2020 AP Exam to help students practice the topics and skills in the first 75% of the course. Be sure to turn on Let Students See Their Results so that students can get feedback on their answers and see the topics and skills they should continue practicing. 
  3. Assign the Practice Exam Free Response Questions (FRQs) that were unlocked for at-home student practice at the end of April. Be sure to turn on Let Students See Their Results so that students see how their responses were scored and any feedback that you provide.
  4. Use the Question Bank for any additional practice students should engage in based on the results of the Personal Progress Checks and/or unlocked FRQs. Search or filter by the topics and skills you’d like your students to practice and click a new “add all” feature to create a new quiz.
  5. Encourage students to use the Optional Student Practice section now available next to their assignments in AP Classroom. Look for the green target icon to view student progress and optionally score student responses to provide feedback to help students improve. 

For additional tips and help using AP Classroom, use AP Classroom’s Help menu where you can access FAQ, user guides, and tutorials and report technical issues.

For more details about the 2020 AP Exam administration, visit Taking AP Exams.