Updates for AP Educators at Schools Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

About This Year's AP Exams

AP Exams were administered May 11–22 (primary exam dates) and June 1–5 (makeup dates). A small number of students are eligible for exception testing in late June. If any of your students are in this group, get details about how this year’s exams work so you can support them.

AP Exam Schedule

AP Exam Schedule and Information

Get details on each AP Exam by course: the exception testing schedule, what's covered and what's not, what students need on exam day, and more.

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All About the E-Ticket

We’ll email students their AP Exam e-tickets with their AP IDs two days before each exam. They’ll need both to access and take the exam.

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AP Exam Information

Tips to Avoid Problems on Exam Day

Head off problems on exam day by reviewing solutions to issues with checking in, submitting responses, and more.

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Update to Exam Submission Process

Beginning Monday, May 18, and continuing through the late-June exception testing window, there will be a backup email submission process for browser-based exams.

Submitting Exam Responses

After students finish answering the exam question(s), they’ll attach their work to the exam and submit it for scoring. How do they do that? That depends. 

Most Exams

For most AP Exams without portfolio components, students can attach a text file, attach a photo of their handwritten work, or copy and paste text in the exam. 

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Music Theory

For the AP Music Theory Exam, students must submit an audio file as well as a photo of handwritten work.

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World Languages

To take any spoken AP world language exam, students will use a free app that records and submits their response.

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2020 AP Exam Day Updates for Teachers

AP teachers: Watch recorded presentations that provide discipline-specific information about this year’s exam administration.

Resources for Remote Teaching

To support communities that experience substantial disruption or school closures, we’re providing several ways for teachers to help students prepare for exam day.

AP Classroom Resources and Tools

AP Classroom Resources and Tools

Continue to provide remote instruction with AP Classroom. Encourage students to use practice questions, and provide feedback to help them improve. Use Topic Questions and Personal Progress Check results to target additional practice.

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Taking AP Exams

List of Recorded AP Classes

See the full list of topics for online recorded AP review lessons. These mobile-friendly classes, designed to be used alongside your work, are available on demand.

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