Troubleshooting Tips for AP 2020 Exams

Check this list if you have technical issues during your exam. And visit Tips to Avoid Problems on Exam Day to see four key to-dos.

Note: If you’re taking the AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish Language and Culture Exam, you’ll use the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA) to record and submit your responses. The information on this page about operating systems, photo submission, copying and pasting, and Google Docs does not apply. Visit Taking AP World Language and Culture Exams for directions specific to spoken world language exams, including device requirements.

Check Your Browser

Make sure you're running the latest version of one of the recommended browsers.

  • Recommended browsers:
  • Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Browser plug-ins/extensions: Turn off all browser plug-ins or extensions (e.g., Grammarly), except for any that you use for accessibility (screen readers, etc.).
  • Clear the browser’s cache before clicking on your e-ticket to check in to your exam.

If you're still having problems, try launching the exam in a different recommended browser.

Issues Checking In

  • If you can't find your AP ID: We emailed you this info about two days ago with your e-ticket. Check your inbox.
  • If you can't move past the Personal Information page: Make sure you've filled in all fields and made a selection under "Where Are You Testing From?"

Check Your Operating System

Make sure you're running a supported operating system for whichever device you're using. If your device cannot run one of these operating systems, you will not be able to use it to test.

  • Computers
    • Chromebooks: Chrome OS
    • PCs: Windows 10, Windows 7
    • Macs: Macintosh OS 15, Macintosh OS 14, Macintosh OS 13
  • Smartphones
    • iPhone®: iOS 13, iOS 12
    • Android™: Android 10, Android 9, Android 8
  • iPads®: Tablet iOS 13, Tablet iOS 12

Photo Submission Issues

  • To submit a photo from a computer: If you're taking your exam on a laptop or desktop computer, but you want to write your responses by hand and submit a photo, you should email the photo to yourself so you can attach it from your computer.
    • When emailing the photo, select the "medium" file size.
    • Save your photo as one of these formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg
      • Recent iPhones and iPads save photos as HEIC files, which can’t be submitted in the exam.
      • To resolve, resave the image in an acceptable format by emailing the photo to yourself using the iPhone or iPad Mail app, which will automatically convert it to a .jpg.
      • Save the new .jpg image to your Photos folder or the desktop, not Google Drive, so it’s easy to find.
      • You can also update the settings on your phone to capture in JPEG and not HEIC.
      • Note: Changing or editing the filename does not update its format.
  • Make sure your device's browser permissions are set to allow camera use.
  • If you see a black screen or have other issues taking a photo from within the exam app's submission screen: Take your photo through your phone's camera interface, then return to the exam app and select the photo from there.
  • If your photo is a PDF: If you can't save your photo as .png, .jpg, or .jpeg, and you need to submit a PDF copy, go through the submit process for "Attach a Text File." Note: You can only submit one text file per exam question. If your PDF shows more than one photo, make sure they're appearing in page number order.

Copy and Paste Issues

  • If your response has formatting issues when you paste into the text field, hit "Clear Field," go back to your source doc, correct the issue, and copy and paste again.
    • If you’re on a smartphone and you can’t see your whole response, scroll horizontally and vertically to make sure your response is pasted in and formatted correctly.
  • If you still have formatting issues after correcting your source doc and copying and pasting again, save your response to one of the accepted text file formats (.txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt) and then submit it through the "Attach a Text File" process.
  • If you used an equation editor, you cannot copy and paste. Save your response as a PDF and then submit it through the "Attach a Text File" process.

Google Docs Issues

  • To upload a text file you wrote in Google Docs™, make sure you've saved it as one of the accepted text file formats (.txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt).
    • To save in Google Docs, click on the File menu and select “Download.” Choose either Microsoft Word (.docx), OpenDocument Format (.odt), PDF Document (.pdf), or Plain Text (.txt).
  • If you cannot locate a text file you wrote in Google Docs, resave it to your desktop and try submitting again.
    • Also, check your computer’s Downloads folder for your document. Google Docs often downloads and saves directly to that location.
  • If you still cannot locate the file, go back to the Google Doc, copy your response, and select "Paste Response" to use the copy/paste function to submit.

If You Have A Slow Internet Connection

If you're seeing a blank white screen at the end of the exam, please refresh your browser. If you're within the exam window, you should then see either the"congratulations" page or an option to email your responses.

This likely happened because of the size or length of the response you submitted. To avoid getting a blank screen when you retest, we recommend submitting your response by attaching a text file — do not attach a photo nor copy and paste your response.

If you get stuck on the blank screen at the end of your exam again, refresh your browser. You should then see either the "congratulations" page or an option to email your response.

Reload/Refresh Issues

  • Do not hit "refresh" or "back" while your exam is in progress unless you get a specific message telling you to do so.
    • If you're seeing a blank white screen at  the end of your exam after you've submitted all responses, please refresh your browser.
  • If you accidentally close the browser, your device crashes, or you temporarily lose internet access, click your exam e-ticket to return to the exam. You'll enter your AP ID again and return to the screen you were on.

Accessibility Issues

  • If the Submission Guidelines are hard to follow in your screen reader, you can access the Submission Guidelines on our website.
  • For image issues in Windows operating systems: If exam images aren't rendering well with the High Contrast feature, try switching to the Invert Color feature.
  • Click here if you're having any issues with MathJax for accessibility.
  • If you're using a screen reader with the typing sample:
    • JAWS and NVDA users can press "Insert+Tab" to reference the typing sample while keeping focus in the edit field.
    • VoiceOver users can press "VO-Shift-H" to reference the typing sample while keeping focus in the edit field.

If All Else Fails

If you experience a technical issue during the exam that you can't resolve, don't worry! You’ll have an opportunity to email your responses immediately after the exam.