AP Exams and Nighttime Testing

All students worldwide must test at the same time this year because of the security protocols needed for at-home testing. We chose the exam times so that the largest number of AP students could test during daylight hours. We recognize this solution means some students outside the United States will have to test early in the morning or late at night.

We hope that for most students, having the chance to test outweighs the unusual timing. We do encourage students and families to prioritize their health over taking AP Exams, and we support any student’s decision not to test. All students can cancel exams at no charge this year.

Here is important information for students who choose to test in this situation:

1. U.S. admissions officers have reaffirmed that they understand the difficult circumstances some students outside the United States are in.

The college admissions leaders on the Board of Trustees of College Board have released a statement recognizing the special challenges faced by students who only have nighttime AP Exam opportunities this year, and announcing that they view students’ performance who do choose to test in this light.

We are also actively reaching out to universities outside the U.S. to make sure they’re aware of the unique context of this year’s AP test-at-home solution. We are confident universities around the world will do their best to exercise flexibility and ensure students are not disadvantaged in the admissions process due to the disruptions caused by the covid-19 crisis.

2. If students choose to take the exam and are not pleased with their scores, they will have a free opportunity to take a CLEP exam to earn credit.

Students outside the U.S. with nighttime schedules who are not satisfied with their scores will receive a voucher for a free CLEP exam, a second opportunity to earn college credit. Students can take CLEP exams at official CLEP test centers, which are located on most U.S. college campuses. Children of military personnel in DoDEA schools may be able to take CLEP exams on a date and time convenient to them at existing CLEP test centers on their bases. Further information will be emailed to students after AP scores are released.

3. At times convenient for students outside the U.S., there will be dedicated live online exam prep sessions that will provide an overview of the tasks and the scoring process.

The chief readers of the AP Program will be available for special sessions for students with nighttime test schedules, broadcast at times convenient for those time zones during the weeks of April 27 and May 4. The chief readers lead the committees of college professors and high school AP teachers who score student work each year. These sessions will be designed to help students understand the types of questions on this year’s AP Exams and how they will be scored.