AP Exam References and Guides

On this page you’ll find documents you’ll need before and on exam day that you can download or print. If your AP subject is not listed on this page, that means there are no course-specific references and guides required or recommended to take that exam. Be sure to check Course-Specific Exam Information to see what you need on exam day.

Reference guides: These are documents students need to have on hand when taking the exam, such as the periodic table for AP Chemistry or formula sheets for AP Physics Exams and the AP Statistics Exam. Students should download and save or print these out well before exam day.

Keyboard guides: These explain how to type scientific and mathematical symbols on a keyboard. (Students can also choose to handwrite responses for any exam.) Students taking certain exams should download and save or print these out and practice with them well before exam day and have them on hand on exam day.

AP Music Theory answer sheet: This is a sheet of staff paper (also called manuscript paper) that students should use as their answer sheet for the AP Music Theory Exam. Students taking this exam should print or hand-copy two or three sheets (or more for scratch paper) before exam day.


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