World Languages: Practice with the App—Updated June 1, 2020

Download and Practice with the AP WLEA

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Before exam day, you can use the AP World Languages Exam App (AP WLEA) in a practice mode. Practicing will help you become comfortable using the app so you're ready for exam day. 

There's no limit to how many times you can practice using the app.

Note: To ensure you’ll be able to initially check in to your exam, we recommend launching the exam demo on the smartphone or tablet you plan to use for your world language and culture exam. See World Languages: Check Your Tech for details.


Do I need my e-ticket or another access code to practice with the app?

No. You can download and use the app in practice mode anytime before the exam. You only need your e-ticket on exam day.

Can teachers use practice mode?

Yes, teachers can download the app and use it in practice mode to help their students prepare.

Why don’t I see my exam listed in practice mode?        

The app’s practice mode is in English only. That’s because practice mode is to help you become familiar with how the app works. The content available in practice mode is also a shortened experience of what you’ll see on exam day.

If you’d like to practice with content before the exam, review the sample exam content available on your subject’s course-specific exam information page.

I plan to use headphones for the exam. Should I practice with them?

If you're considering using headphones for the exam (they’re allowed but not required), practice with your headphones to ensure your microphone works. If you're asked to grant microphone access, select the option to allow this.

What should I do if I can’t hear my recording in practice mode? 

Make sure your device volume is turned up and that your microphone is working properly.

Can I pause during practice mode? 

No, the app can’t be paused during practice mode or on exam day. Practice mode gives you about 14 minutes to listen to directions and task directions, record a sample response, and play back your recording. If you need to stop while in practice mode, just close the app.

Can I minimize/navigate away from the app during practice mode?

Within the app, a countdown timer indicates how much time you have left before it’s time to begin speaking for each task. As will be required during the real exam, if you choose to navigate away from the app on your device during the preparation time for each task, you’ll need to navigate back to the app as soon as your preparation time for a task is complete. The app screen must be visible while you’re speaking to record properly. If you do not return to the app screen before the tone to start speaking, you’ll have less time to respond, and if you speak your responses without the app screen visible, your responses won’t be recorded.

Will practice mode allow me to practice with extended time?

No. Extended time is only available when the app is in exam mode on exam day and to students who have been approved for extended time for speaking and/or listening. Practice mode doesn’t provide practice with exam designs, including extended time. Review details about extended time here.

Can I use assistive technology while in practice mode?

Yes. We encourage students who will be using assistive technologies on exam day to practice with those same technologies using the app’s practice mode. If you’re approved to use a screen reader, you can use practice mode to practice using your screen reader with the app


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