World Languages: How the Exam Works

Here’s how this year’s AP Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams will work.

This page gives directions specific to the AP spoken world language exams. If you're taking any other AP Exams, be sure to visit Getting Ready for Exam Day and The Exam Day Experience to learn about taking exams in all other subjects.


Check In

Thirty minutes before the official exam start time, you’ll check in to your exam using the e-ticket you received by email. Check in on the same device that you’ve installed the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA) on—that’s the device you should use for the whole exam. You should have the app closed before checking in for your exam. If you can’t open the email with your e-ticket on your device, you can access your e-ticket in your student account on My AP (

Provide Information and Start the Exam 

You’ll enter details to confirm your identity and then you’ll be instructed to start the exam in the AP WLEA. You’ll have a last chance to download and install the app in case you haven’t done it yet—but we strongly encourage you to not wait until the start of the exam to download the app.

If asked, you’ll need to grant access for microphone use.

If there’s a problem with your internet connection, or not enough battery power or storage on your device, you’ll see messages with instructions about what to do.

Start the exam promptly once you’ve launched the app—the exam will time out if you delay starting. 

Take the Exam 

After launching the app, you’ll be instructed to do an audio check to make sure everything’s working properly and enter your AP ID and to confirm the exam you’re taking.

Once the exam begins, the app will automatically play the exam directions and exam questions and record your spoken responses. You won’t pause, play, start, or stop during the recording process—the app runs the recording process. And when you’re done with both tasks, the app will attach your responses to the exam—unlike other exams this year, you won’t need to attach the files on your own.