World Languages: Get Ready for the Exam

This page gives directions specific to the spoken AP world language exams. If you're taking AP Latin, AP Spanish Literature and Culture, or any other AP Exams, be sure to visit Getting Ready for Exam Day and The Exam Day Experience to learn about taking exams in all other subjects.

Take these steps well before exam day to make sure you're set up to take your exam.


Get familiar with how the exam will work.

To become comfortable with how the app works, download the app. Use it in practice mode before your exam.

You can also watch the video that walks you through the world language and culture exam experience. (Note: If you're taking AP Exams in subjects other than spoken world languages, check out the video and demo on The Exam Day Experience.)

Check your exam details, including what reference materials are allowed.

Find your exam in the Course-Specific Exam Tables on the 2020 exam schedule page to get information about exam timing, what the exam will cover, and what materials and equipment you’re permitted to use.

Review accommodation details

If you have approved accommodations, review details about how your accommodation will work for this year's exam. Because the timed portion of the exams is 15–22 minutes and the exams consist of speaking tasks only this year, some accommodations for these exams will be provided a bit differently than for other exams.


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