World Languages: On Exam Day—Updated June 1, 2020

You’ll be able to check in to your exam using your e-ticket up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Before checking in, confirm some final items.


Do I have the app installed?

If you didn’t already download the free AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA) on the device you plan to use for the exam, do this before the exam starts.

I forgot to download the app. What can I do?

You'll still be able to download the app on exam day after you check in for your exam. But we strongly recommend that you don’t wait until exam day to download the app—you want to give yourself time to practice. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Am I starting with the app closed?

If you have the app open on your device before the exam actually begins—for instance, if you were practicing with it—you’ll need to close it. On exam day, you must begin with the app closed. The app will be launched on your device when you’re instructed to start your exam after checking in.

Have I set my device to “do not disturb”?

Important: If your device gets a phone call or notification while you’re taking the exam, your exam will end.

To make sure you’re not interrupted while you’re taking the exam, set your device to "do not disturb" (make sure to also block your favorites), turn off notifications, and disable voice assistants like Siri. The app won’t block phone calls and notifications. If you make any changes to your settings, practice with those settings.

Don’t set your device to “airplane mode” because this will block your internet connection—and you need an internet connection for the exam.

Setting Your Device to “Do Not Disturb”

Turn Do Not Disturb ON.

While in Do Not Disturb, set the following:

  • Silence Always (not While Phone is locked/While iPad is locked)
  • Allow Calls From No One
  • Turn Repeated Calls OFF
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Notifications
  • Select Do Not Disturb

Within Do Not Disturb:

  • Turn on Now should be set to On (slider shows blue)
  • Ensure Duration is set to Until I Turn It Off
  • Select Hide Notifications
    • Make sure Hide All is set to On (slider shows blue)
  • Select Allow Exceptions
    • Important: Make sure Media Sound is set to On (slider shows blue)
    • Make sure Calls From is set to None;
    • Make sure Messages From is set to None;
    • Make sure all of the following are set to Off (slider does not show blue): Repeat callers; Alarms; Calendar events; Reminders
    • Touch sounds is set to On
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Sound
  • Go to Do Not Disturb
  • Swipe ON for Use Do Not Disturb

While in Settings:

  • Go to Apps and Notifications
  • Go to Notifications
  • Go to Apps
  • Swipe OFF for all apps, or at least Messages/Phone/WhatsApp

Do I have enough battery power?

On exam day, you should make sure your device is well charged or plugged in. You’ll need at least 25% battery power to run the app and complete the exam.

Do I have enough storage on my device?

You’ll need at least 30MB of free space on your device to run the app.

Do I have a connection to the internet?

Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi signal or your device has cellular data.

If I want to use headphones, do I have them?

Headphones or headsets are allowed though not required. If you plan to use them, have them ready before the exam begins. See World Languages: Check Your Tech.

Do I have my e-ticket and AP ID?

Using the device that has AP WLEA installed, locate the email you received two days before your scheduled exam date that has your unique e-ticket and AP ID—you’ll need this information to start your exam. If you’re unable to access your email from the smartphone or tablet you’re using for your world language exam (for instance, because you’re using a borrowed phone or tablet), you can also find your e-ticket and AP ID by logging into your My AP account ( from this device.

Reminder: Do not open the app separately to start the exam. You can only enter the exam by checking in with your e-ticket and clicking “Start My Exam” when prompted, which will launch the app.

Note: Don’t use the Google app to access your e-ticket or browser. You won’t be able to start your exam if you use the Google app. Review details.


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