World Languages: Download the App—Updated June 1, 2020

This year’s spoken AP world language and culture exams will be administered using a free new dedicated app, the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA). Students taking these exams must use this app on smartphones or tablets. Download the app now from the Apple App Store or Google Play to the device you plan to use for the exam.

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play


Can teachers download and use the app?

Yes, teachers can download the app to use in practice mode to help their students prepare for the exam.

I'm having trouble downloading the app—what can I do?

Make sure you’re using the link for the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play and that you’re using the device you plan to use for the exam. 

Note: You can launch your world language exam on a device running Android operating systems 7.0 and up or Apple (iOS) 11.0 or later. Learn more about technical requirements.

If you lose your internet connection while trying to download the app, try again when you have a connection (either through Wi-Fi or cellular data).

If you get a message that you don’t have enough storage space to download the app, you can free up space on your phone by deleting photos, videos, texts with GIFs, or other apps from your device.

If you’re using a school-owned device that’s not allowed to access the app store, contact your teacher or your school’s AP coordinator. Ask them to have your school or district IT support help.

I’m an educator, and we have district-managed devices. Is there information available for our technology department so they can approve and push out the AP World Languages Exam App (AP WLEA) when it becomes available?

The technology department should follow their standard mobile device management (MDM) process. There are several products that can be used for MDM, so these instructions may be slightly different depending on the tool you’re using.


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