World Languages: Checking In to Your Exam—Updated June 1, 2020


Check in 30 minutes before the start time.

Thirty minutes before the official exam start time, you'll check in to your exam using the e-ticket you received by email. If you can't access your email on the device you’re using for your world language exam (for instance, because you’re using a borrowed phone or tablet), you can access your e-ticket in your student account on My AP (

Reminder: Make sure you’ve set your device to do not disturb and disabled notifications. You should also clear the browser’s cache before clicking on your e-ticket to check in to your exam.

Note: Don’t use the Google app to access your e-ticket or browser. You won’t be able to start your exam if you use the Google app. Review details.

Check in on the device you've installed the app on.    

Check in on the same device that you've installed the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA) on—that's the device you should use for the whole exam.

You'll have a last chance to download and install the app in case you haven't done it yet—but we strongly encourage you not to wait until the start of the exam to download the app.

Reminder: You cannot start or take your AP world language exam on a computer or Chromebook. See Check Your Tech for device details.

Start the exam promptly once you've launched the app—the exam will time out if you delay starting.

Follow these instructions carefully to check in and start your exam.

  • Don’t open the app directly—it will remain in practice mode. Have the app closed when you check in for your exam.
  • To launch your exam, click on the e-ticket in your email. This will open a screen in a web browser to start your exam experience. You’ll complete some identifying information on the screens in the browser.
  • At the time your exam is scheduled to start, you’ll see a button that says “Start My Exam.” Clicking on this will launch the app in exam mode.