Music Theory: Download Audio Recording Software or App

For Question 2, you’ll need audio recording software or an app to record your sight-singing responses. You’ll then attach your file to the online exam. See submission guidelines for details on how to attach an audio file.

You should make sure you’ve installed the recording software or app about one week before the May 19 exam, so there’s time to practice and fix any problems before exam day.

  • The recording software or app needs to generate one of these file types: .m4a, .mp3, .wav, .ogg.
  • Examples of recording apps and software include:
    • For Android: Recorder, Google LLC, or any free downloadable voice memo app
    • For iPhone: Voice Memos, accessible via the Utilities icon (pause button becomes available by pressing the black bar after beginning a recording)
    • For Chromebook: any free downloadable voice memo app
    • For PC: Audacity (free download at
    • For Mac: GarageBand (download from the Apple app store if it’s not pre-installed on your device.)