Taking the AP Music Theory Exam

This year’s AP Music Theory Exam involves special directions for submitting your responses. Be sure to review the Step by Step pages below and prepare your answer sheet and recording software or app about one week before the exam, so there’s time to practice and fix any problems before exam day.

Keep in Mind

For Question 1, prepare your answer sheet before exam day.

You’ll print or hand copy your answer sheet before exam day. On exam day, you’ll write your response by hand and submit a photo of your completed answer sheet.

For Question 2, to submit your response, you’ll need an audio recording app or software on your device.

On exam day, you’ll record and submit an audio file using an app or software of your choice. Your answer to Question 2 must be one of the following file types: m4a, .mp3, .wav, .ogg.

Learn about test dates and times, timing, questions, and more on the exam page.

Review the AP Music Theory Exam page before your exam day so you know what to expect on exam day and how to best prepare.