What does it mean that this year’s AP Exams are open book/open note?

Like many college take-home exams, 2020 AP exams will be open book/open note. Students may access class notes and class resources to reference concepts covered during their course. We strongly advise students to organize their materials prior to the AP Exam so they do not waste exam time searching for information or incorporating misinformation.

Students are not permitted to incorporate work which is not their own and students are not permitted to provide or receive aid in any kind from anyone, in-person, online or mobile. During the exam, students may not:

  • Communicate with any other person during the exam through any means, including online, in-person, by mobile or other device
  • Crowdsource support from group messages, online forums or social media
  • Incorporate the work of another person or technological service into their own exam response, including language translation