7. AP 2020 Invoicing and Payment FAQs

7.1 Creating the Invoice

7.1.1 How will invoicing work this year?

Your invoice for this year will automatically reflect only those students who elect to take the exam your school ordered for them—you will not need to follow up with manually tracking and canceling those who do not. No cancellation or unused exam fees should appear on your school invoice.

7.1.2 Will a school be charged for a makeup exam if the student decides not to take it?

If a student has a technical issue during the makeup exam or is unable to retest in June, the AP Program will waive all fees for that student’s exam. Fees for these exams will be automatically removed from the invoice sent to schools. Students can contact their schools for information about refunds, if applicable.

7.2 Updating an Invoice

7.2.1 With students testing at home, how will I know which students did or did not take the exam? Do I need to mark which students took exams in AP Registration and Ordering?

The AP Program will update AP Registration and Ordering after the exam period is over with students who did/did not take the exam. No action is required by the school or AP coordinator to track or record the students who took the exam (or who did not). Your school will only be invoiced for students who took the exam.

7.2.2 When is the deadline for updating a student’s fee reduction status?

The deadline for updating a student’s fee reduction status is Tuesday, May 26 (11:59 p.m. ET).

7.3 Paying an Invoice

7.3.1 Because my school is closed, I need extra time to remit payment for exams. When can I send in my payment?

The deadline for schools to remit payment to the College Board for AP Exams has been extended to Friday, June 26.

7.3.2 Because my school is closed, I don’t have a way of collecting exam fees from students. Can you advise?

After the exams, you will be able to see which students chose to test in the AP Registration and Ordering system online and in the downloaded roster. You may choose to work with your students who tested to collect exam fees when schools reopen but must ensure you remit payment as soon as possible to avoid any issues ordering exams in November. If you wish to collect exam fees sooner, and don’t already have an online process, you can find a list of potential providers here, all of whom support online fee collection.