8. AP 2020 Exam Cancellations, Fees, Refunds, New Orders

8.1 Cancelling an Exam

8.1.1 How do I cancel a student’s exam?

If a student does not take the exam on either testing date, it will be treated as an unused/canceled exam. In that way, students can “choose to cancel” by not taking the exam. The coordinator would not need to mark the exam as canceled or unused in AP Registration and Ordering—that will be done automatically.

8.1.2 Does canceling an exam at no charge mean that all unused/canceled exam fees have been waived for 2019-20?

We won’t charge anything for an exam that isn’t taken, including the base exam fee as well as any additional fees such as the late order fee and canceled/unused exam fee.

8.1.3 My school/district/state mandates that students in the course take the exam. How do we ensure that all of our students take the exam?

Students cannot cancel their exam order in the system. But they will be required to access and begin the exam themselves, and it is possible they will choose to not take the exam or forget to take the exam. To more tightly manage this process, your district or school may wish to reinforce to students the importance of taking the exam or possibly require your students to test on one of the dates. Some schools are planning to put in place a check-in process to communicate with their students immediately before the exam to confirm students are ready to test.

8.1.4 If a student starts the exam but doesn’t finish, will they be charged the exam fee?

Yes. Once an exam question has been displayed, the student is considered to have started the exam and the school will be charged the exam fee.

8.1.5 I have students that weren’t part of my on-time exam order that now want to take the shorter at-home exam—can I add them to my order?

No. We are not accepting any new exam orders. Depending on the subject area, CLEP testing later in the year may provide an avenue for earning college credit.

8.1.6 Will my school/test center be reimbursed for any expenses to reserve off-site testing space that we won’t be using now?

No. Schools are responsible for expenses such as off-site testing location reservations. The AP Program provides schools with a $9 per exam rebate and large-volume rebates (if applicable) to help offset local testing expenses.

8.1.7 We charge more than the published exam fee. Do we have to refund the full amount we charge or can we determine the refund amount?

Refund policies and procedures are determined by individual schools and test centers.

8.2 Fees

8.2.1 When I log in to AP Registration and Ordering I still see unused/cancellation fees—I thought they were waived?

Fee waivers will not be applied to AP Registration and Ordering until after the testing period. In the meantime, you can safely ignore these fees. Use filters and/or spreadsheet download to assist with reconciling and to identify specific exam orders with these fees.

8.2.2 Will late order fees be waived?

Not if the exam is taken. These fees were applied based on student and school decisions outside of and prior to the current coronavirus (covid-19) situation, so these fees will not be waived.

Late order fees will not be charged if the exam isn’t taken.

8.3 Refunds

8.3.1 How do I refund students’ money I collected for exam-related fees? They are not in school.

How and when a school collects and refunds fees from students remains a school-level decision. Given the circumstances, it may be difficult to do so now. We understand that some schools are planning to use services like PayPal or Venmo to transfer refunds to students or parents.

8.4 New Orders

8.4.1 Can students who were not in the original exam order be added now?

In order to provide at-home AP testing this year, the AP Registration and Ordering system had to be locked on April 20 to enable the creation of secure, unique electronic testing tickets for all students who registered prior to this year’s deadlines. All students registered for an AP Exam can proceed to test, but no additional exam takers can be added to an AP subject. AP coordinators should ensure each student’s fee status (Reduced or Standard) is correct in the system, but that is the only attribute that can be modified at this time.

If a student was not registered for an AP Exam, there are CLEP exams available for college credit in most AP subjects. CLEP exams can be taken year-round at college test centers on a date / time convenient for the student. Taking the AP Exam in May 2021 is also an option.

If a student is registered for an AP Exam, but no longer wishes to test, they can simply ignore the email that contains their exam e-ticket. By not using the exam e-ticket, it’s the same effect as having set the student’s exam order to No.

8.4.2 My school also offers IB. Now that those exams have been canceled, is it possible for me to order AP Exams for my IB students?

No. Only students who registered for AP Exams before the deadline are able to test. Depending on the subject area, CLEP testing later in the year may provide an avenue for earning college credit.

8.4.3 Can a student who said No earlier use the e-ticket from a student who decides not to test?

No. Each student’s e-ticket is unique to the student and non-transferrable. Students who share their e-ticket or use another student’s e-ticket will have their exams invalidated.