3. After 2020 AP Exams FAQs

3.1 Student Responses

3.1.1 When will I get my students’ exam responses?

May 26.

3.1.2 Will I also get the responses of my students who take the makeup test?

Teachers will get makeup test responses June 30.

3.1.3 Can I review responses with my students once I get them?


3.1.4 When will the exam questions be made available?

The exam questions will not be posted online for the public. The questions will be released as secure items in AP Classroom on May 26 (the same day teachers receive their students’ exam responses), providing an additional source of practice questions for classroom use.

3.2 Score Reporting

3.2.1 When can students expect to get their scores?

To accommodate the extended scoring schedule, which requires all exams to be scored online in Readers' homes, AP scores will be released to AP students approximately one week later than usual, beginning about July 15.

3.2.2 Are any new policies going to be put in place for score challenges now that teachers can see/score their own student responses directly?

Because creating a good testing environment at home is a challenge for some students, the exam is much shorter this year.

AP teachers will have the chance to review students’ scores and exam responses this summer. If a student doesn't receive a score of 3 or higher, and the teacher feels the exam didn’t appropriately measure the student’s qualification for college credit, the teacher will be able to engage with the AP Program’s college faculty partners to review and confirm the score, ensuring it’s fair and appropriate.

Further details will be shared in the coming months.