The Exam Day Experience

We've developed the resources on this page to help students get comfortable with how the 2020 online AP Exams will work, so they can do their best work on exam day. We know that educators also want to understand what online exams will be like.

Take a Video Tour

Take a video tour of the 2020 AP Exam experience. The video covers what types of devices students can use to take the exam, how students will sign in on exam day, the different ways they can submit their responses, and more.

Practice with a Demo

Get an interactive demo that replicates the online exam experience.

About the Exam Demo

  • Some exams have one question, and some have two. The interactive demo replicates the two-question exam experience.
  • Just like the real exam, the demo will ask you to enter some personal information while waiting for the exam to start. Students will fill in their AP IDs in the demo (just like on exam day). You can enter PRACTICE in that field.
  • You won't see an actual exam question in the demo, but the timer will be running (the timing will be different in the real exam).
  • In the demo, students will practice submitting an exam response before time expires (you can do this as well, if you want). After completing this, they'll be moved on to question 2.
  • Don't refresh the page or press the back button during the demo. The same applies to the real exam.
  • After the demo is over, you can come back here and launch it again. Students can practice as many times as they like; the experience can help them decide which method to use to submit their work on test day.

Demo and Exam Browser Requirements

The AP 2020 Exams—and the exam demo—are optimized for the latest version of Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported. Students should launch the exam demo in one of these browsers to make sure they're all set for exam day.

Students who plan to use a screen reader should determine which of the optimized browsers listed above works best with their screen reader.