AP English Literature and Composition

Makeup test date and times

Date: June 2

Hawaii Time: 6 a.m.
Alaska Time: 8 a.m.
Pacific Time: 9 a.m.
Mountain Time: 10 a.m.
Central Time: 11 a.m.
Eastern Time: 12 p.m.
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Exam conflicts

If you have two makeup exams at the same time, you’ll be able to take one in the makeup testing window and the other in the final exception testing window in late June.

Exam timing

On exam day, you'll click on the link in your e-ticket 30 minutes before the start time for your exam and fill in some information.

A timer will show how much time remains until the start of the exam.

Once the exam starts, the exam question will automatically appear, and another timer will start counting down.

Your timer will show 50 minutes. You should take 45 minutes to read the question and work on your response, and 5 minutes to submit it. When the timer gets to 5 minutes, an alert will show. Stop working at that time and begin to submit your response.

What to have ready on exam day


  • e-ticket email (you’ll receive this two days before your exam)
  • Completed Exam Day Checklist, including AP ID
  • Device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop computer
  • Browser: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, or Edge
  • Internet or cellular connection
  • Assistive technology and devices (if applicable, for students approved to test with accommodations)

Recommended for students typing responses


  • Your class notes or study guides
  • Textbooks and other classroom resources
  • Previous assignments or assessments


Question 1 (45 mins.)

% of exam weight (rounded)


Question name

Prose Fiction Analysis

Question description

This question presents students with a passage of prose fiction of approximately 500–700 words, and assesses students’ ability to do the following:

  • Respond to the prompt with a thesis that presents a defensible interpretation.
  • Select and use evidence to support a line of reasoning.
  • Explain how the evidence supports a line of reasoning.
  • Use appropriate grammar and punctuation in communicating an argument.

Corresponding free-response question (FRQ) type in the course and exam description binder

  • The single question on the 2020 AP English Literature and Composition Exam is a Prose Fiction Analysis question, which is FRQ 2 on a traditional AP Exam and in the CED. It is referred to as Question 1 because the 2020 exam has just that one question.
  • The prompt will not include the title and author of the passage. Otherwise, the prompt will match the stable prompt language found in the CED.

What’s covered

Units eligible for 2020 exam: Units 1–7

Units not included in 2020 exam: Units 8–9

Other course-specific info

Citations for the passages used on the 2020 exam and makeup exam will be available in AP Classroom on May 26 and June 30, respectively.

Sample Questions for the 2020 exam

Download example questions (.pdf/514 KB) similar to what you'll see on the 2020 AP English Literature and Composition Exam.