AP Computer Science Principles

This year, there will be no end-of-year multiple-choice exam in Computer Science Principles—your AP score will be computed from the Create and Explore performance tasks only. Access the 2020 scoring guidelines (.pdf/154 KB) for the performance tasks, which are the same as the 2019 scoring guidelines.

For detailed information about this year’s exam, see the resources at the bottom of the page.

Performance tasks due date

The deadline for submission of the Create and Explore performance tasks in the AP Digital Portfolio is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET. Unfortunately, no extension can be provided after this deadline.

Performance tasks


Performance task 1

Create – Application from Ideas

% of exam weight (rounded)



The Create performance task focuses on students developing computer programs and describing significant aspects of the program that allow it to run correctly.

Students have the flexibility to write programs that reflect their interests (e.g., their desire to solve a problem; program a game; or produce digital art appealing to a specific audience, etc.). This allows students to engage in the study of computer science from a creative perspective. Students will provide evidence of their knowledge of important programming concepts such as developing algorithms and using abstractions. Students are required to submit an individual program but are able to collaborate on the development of their program.


Performance task 2

Explore – Impact of Computing Innovations

% of exam weight (rounded)



The Explore performance task focuses on students using and applying computational analysis in the exploration of a significant computing innovation to determine and describe the impact of the innovation on people and society.

Students select and explore an innovation of their choosing. Then, they create a computational artifact about the innovation and describe how it works and how it is used, its purpose, how it consumes and/or produces data, and the harmful and beneficial effects of the innovation on people and society.