AP 3-D Art and Design

The Sustained Investigation requirement has been reduced to 10 images (instead of 15) and the Selected Works requirement has been reduced to 3 works (instead of 5) this year.

The digital submission process has also been updated for 2020. Review this updated student demo for step-by-step instructions on submitting portfolios in the AP Art and Design Digital Portfolio.

Portfolio due date

As usual, there will be no end-of-year exam in AP Art and Design. The deadline for submission of artworks in the Digital Portfolio is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET.


Question name

Selected Works (SW)

Sustained Investigation (SI)

% of exam



Question description

Students are required to submit 3 works for Selected Works, reduced from 5.

The 3 submissions should be finished works of art that demonstrate the synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas. The works may come from the Sustained Investigation or they may be works made outside of the Sustained Investigation.

Students are required to submit 10 images for Sustained Investigation, reduced from 15.

The Sustained Investigation is intended to provide students an opportunity to demonstrate their thinking-and-making process when creating works of art and design. The 10 submissions can be a combination of images of process documentation and more finished works of art.