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Follow these steps to download your students’ exam responses.


Sign in to the portal.

Sign in to the 2020 Student Response Portal to download your students’ responses. Sign in with the username and password you use for AP Classroom or AP Course Audit.

Look for the course and class section you want.

You'll see a roster of your students, grouped by course and by section.

Find a student in the list.

Choose a student by name.

Click on the “download” icon.

In the “Download Responses” column, select the icon indicating a download. You’ll download a ZIP file containing student responses in the form of either a PDF or a photo of their typed or handwritten response. For world language exams, you’ll get a ZIP file containing an audio file, and for Music Theory, you’ll get a ZIP file containing an audio file and one or more image files.

student response portal

Download the roster.

You’ll need the Prompt ID for each student response when you visit AP Classroom to view the questions that your students answered. Downloading the roster from the portal is an easy way to get all the Prompt IDs in one place. The Prompt ID for each response is in the “Prompt ID” column.


Important Notes

  • You will see what we received from your students through the testing platform. If you do not see responses for any students you know tested, it’s because those students had a disruption of some sort on exam day and chose another option (e.g., taking a makeup exam June 1−5 or, in some cases, sending their responses by email).
  • If you see obvious submission errors in a student’s response—if it’s unintentionally missing one or more pages, a page is blank, or responses to both questions are saved in the same file—use this guide to determine how to advise your students.
  • If you see any responses that are suspiciously unlike your student’s work in your class, please report suspected cheating. In parallel, we are completing our analysis of alerts triggered by the plagiarism detection software.
  • Your school’s AP coordinator will be able to check their AP Registration and Ordering account online to see which students tested in May, took makeups June 1-5, or took exception exams June 22-30.