What to Do if You See an Issue with a Student’s Response

As you review your students’ responses, you might spot obvious issues with their files. In the case of blank or incomplete PDFs or inaudible or incomplete audio files, first check to see whether you can find the missing content.

If your student unintentionally submitted work we can’t score and didn’t use the backup email submission option (if available) or request exception testing by the June 7 deadline, there are no further retest opportunities. If the student wishes to cancel their exam, they should contact AP Services for Students.


Student Response Issues

The following work won’t be scorable by the AP readers:

  • A blank response
  • A photo that is too blurry to be readable
  • Missing or omitted work (e.g., missing page)
  • A missing response for one of two questions in a two-question exam
  • Response to the first question included in the same file as the response to the second question
    • We will only be able to score the second response in a file that contains responses to both questions.
    • If the student did not also submit the response to the first question in its own separate file, they will receive a zero for that first question.

Important: the perceived quality of a student’s response is not a factor, only whether the file is scorable.

You don’t need to worry about the following issues, which won’t prevent the AP readers from scoring the response:

  • Omission of the AP ID or initials at the top of a response
  • A photograph submitted in landscape (horizontal) rather than portrait (vertical) format, upside down, or sideways
  • Within an individual question’s response, pages that are out of order or parts (a, b, c, etc.) of a response that are out of order
  • Extra spacing or content that is very close to the document margins (this can happen with copy-pasted responses)
  • Slightly blurry but still readable images