Access the FRQ and Scoring Guidelines for Each Response

See the Questions on AP Classroom

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After you get your students’ answers from the 2020 Student Response Portal, you can use the information found there to get the questions they answered and the scoring guidelines for each question.


Sign in to AP Classroom.

Use your College Board username and password to sign in to AP Classroom.

Select View AP 2020 Exam Questions.

On your homepage, click this button in the welcome message.

Type the Prompt ID from the student response into the search box.

To view the specific version of the free-response questions that any individual student received, along with the relevant scoring guidelines, type or paste the Prompt ID into the search box that appears.

The Prompt ID starts with “VR” and is followed by six digits.

  • Find it in the Download Roster from the 2020 Student Response Portal.
  • You can also find it in the file name for each student response. If you’re looking for it in the filename, ignore everything in the filename before the “VR.”
  • For example, if the filename for your student’s response is “XY987654-GarciaJ-103-VR123456,” then “VR123456” is the Prompt ID.

If your students used the AP World Language Exam App, each student’s response will include two Prompt IDs. Enter each Prompt ID separately to access each task.

2020 exam viewer

Important Notes

  • If you believe you’ve found a factual inaccuracy or any other issue with an AP Exam question, please fill out this form with a description of the problem.
    • There’s no need to provide feedback on differences in difficulty level between the various exam versions. As always, psychometricians will analyze student data from every version of the AP Exam to quantify the variations in difficulty. Points required for 3s, 4s, and 5s are then determined separately for different exam versions, with easier versions requiring more points and harder versions requiring fewer points. .