Fees, Invoicing, and Payment for 2020 Exams

We’ve made changes to this year’s fee- and payment-related tasks, deadlines, and policies. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn more about managing orders for 2020 exams or this year’s exam administration process.

Exam Fee Policies

The AP Program is changing some fee policies because of this year’s circumstances—but some policies remain the same.

Policies Changing for 2020 Exams

The AP Program is waiving all unused/canceled exam fees this year regardless of when the exam was canceled. We won’t charge anything for an exam that isn’t taken, including the base exam fee as well as any additional fees such as the late order fee and canceled/unused exam fee.

Unused/canceled exam fees will be removed in AP Registration and Ordering after the second testing window (June 1–5). In the meantime, simply disregard these fees listed in AP Registration and Ordering.

Policies That Are Not Changing

The late order fee still applies to exam orders submitted after November 15 for all full-year and first-semester courses (if students take the exams).

The exam fee for on-time orders, the school rebate amount, and the College Board fee reduction for eligible students remain unchanged.

Collecting Exam Payment

If your school is closed and you have outstanding exam fees to collect, you may want to consider using an exam fee collection provider through which students can make payments.


How and when a school collects and refunds fees from students remains a school-level decision. Given current school closures, it may be difficult to do so until a final list of students and exams taken is reflected in AP Registration and Ordering after the makeup testing window ends. We understand some schools are considering using services like PayPal or Venmo to transfer refunds to students or parents.

Reconciling the Final Invoice

Registered students who did not test during the primary and makeup testing windows and are not scheduled to take exception testing exams will be listed as “No” in the Order Exam? field in your roster in AP Registration and Ordering after the makeup testing window in June. No action is required by your school to track or record students’ exam status. Your school will be invoiced only for students who took the exam.


Your final invoice will be generated and emailed to you after the makeup testing window in June. The postmark deadline for exam payment has been extended to June 26. The invoice will list the address to send payment. 

Note: If you have any students testing during the exception testing window (June 22–30), you can proceed with paying your invoice by June 26, and we'll send you an updated invoice if there are any changes to your balance after the exception testing window ends.