The 2020 Exam Administration

We’ve made changes to this year’s exam administration process. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn more about managing orders for 2020 exams or changes to policies around fees, invoicing, and payment for this year.

Online Delivery

All AP Exams will be delivered online directly to students this year. Even if your school reopens before the AP Exam administration dates, you won’t receive printed exams this year.

Students Will Be Emailed Exam Information

Students whom you’ve ordered exams for will be emailed exam information at the email address the student provided in their College Board student account. It’s important that students can access the email address they provided from home. You may want to check students’ email addresses. It’s also important that students indicate their school correctly in their My AP registration, to ensure accurate score reporting.

School and District Testing Requirements

Districts or schools may want to reinforce to students the importance—or necessity—of taking the AP Exams or possibly communicate a “requirement” to students to test on one of the available dates. Some schools are considering a “check-in” process with their students before the exam to confirm students are ready to test.

Primary and Makeup Exam Dates and Exception Testing

The 2020 AP Exams were administered May 11–22, with makeup exams administered June 1–5.

A small number of students are eligible to take exams in the exception testing window (June 22–30).

Students Testing with Accommodations

Students will be able to take online AP Exams with College Board–approved accommodations such as extended time. Learn how accommodations will be provided this year.

Technology Considerations

Students access the exam and submit their response using any available device: smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, or computers. More details will be available soon, including details specific to the AP world language and culture exams.

Exam Security

We’ll take the necessary steps to protect the integrity of each exam administration, as we do every year. Learn more about this year’s exam security policies.

Exam Details by Subject

Go to the 2020 AP Exam Schedule to get course-specific information for each exam, including time and date, and, where applicable, question descriptions and what units the exam will cover.