Updates for AP Coordinators at Schools Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update to Exam Submission Process

Beginning Monday, May 18, and continuing through the makeup window, there will be a backup email submission process for browser-based exams.

Upcoming Extended Deadlines

Find Out What the 2020 Exam Changes Mean for You

Learn more about the tasks AP Coordinators still need to do, no longer need to do, and should consider doing depending on school and district policies and local considerations.

Important Updates for the 2020 Exam Administration

Exam Order Management

Exam Order Management

See what to do—and what you no longer have to do—in AP Registration and Ordering.

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Fees and Invoicing

Fees, Invoicing, and Payment

Learn about changes to fee and payment policies and deadlines for this year's exams.

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Exam Information

Exam Administration

AP Exams will be delivered online this year—here's what you should know to support your students.

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AP Coordinator Webinar

AP coordinators: Watch a recorded webinar to learn about changes to exams, ordering, fees, and more.

2020 AP Exam Question Ambiguity and Error Form

If a student believes they’ve encountered a grammatical error, factual inaccuracy, audio or visual glitch, or any other issue with an AP Exam question while taking the exam, please have them fill out this form with a description of the problem.